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Facing our fears to say what needs to be said.

Interpersonal issues can last for hours, days, weeks, months and even years, and drives  team dysfunction, silos and office politics. This happens because our leaders have never been taught the skills to defuse those situations or worse they can’t approach the people involved for fear of retaliation. By being able to hold a place of psychological safety, this programme will give you the skills to face your fears and have those difficult conversations with people before they escalate into scenarios that become impossible to resolve.


Safe Leadership

Beating stress to drive performance.

All interpersonal challenges are brought about by stress. Stress is our new Sabre Tooth Tiger and the major inhibitor to great performing teams and inclusive cultures. It is the cause of silos and office politics as well as bullies, nonperforming individuals and teams. Following years of research this book dives deep into the realm of psychological safety and will take every leader on a journey of discovery about themselves and their team. Learning from our ancestors and science to understand and leverage our brain’s own reward hormones to help us deal with stress and maximise our team’s performance by becoming psychologically safe leaders.

All interpersonal challenges are caused by stress!

Chronic stress inhibits our ability to perform well, communicate effectively and even learn and will put a halt on creating psychological safety for any team.  It is always at the centre of every performance issue a leader will face.  The question a leader should be asking is not “how can we improve your performance?”, it must be “what is causing you stress and how can I help to remove it?”  This approach is at the heart of psychologically safe leadership.

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Great leadership is a skill that must be learned

Since the industrial age, leaders have been measured by the bottom line only.  This focus over the past 5 generations have put profits before people essentially making most leaders no more than operational managers.  Now there is a shift, it is becoming more recognised that people are the biggest asset of any organisation and the leaders that can harness the talent and capabilities of their people will have the competitive advantage.

Psychologically safety is a whole new approach that can be learned in time, if you want to unleash the leader you have always wanted to be, you have come to the right place, check out what our programme has to offer.

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