Psychologically Safe Leadership – Online Programme

$295.00 inc GST

This programme consists of 18 short courses (30mins or less) designed to take you step by step through a development pathway that will build your self awareness around your behaviours so that you can develop into a psychologically safe leader.

This will equip you with the knowledge to face dysfunctional teams, poor performers and even work place bullies with confidence, so you can create a psychologically safe environment for your organisation.



If going to work and having to deal with the same people, getting away with the usual poor performance, whilst trying to avoid the work place bully and tyrannical boss is your usual day then our Psychologically Safe Leadership programme is what you need to break this cycle.

Psychologically Safe Leadership subscription programme will take you on a journey of discovery about yourself and of those around you, giving you the knowledge and skills to understand them more deeply, what makes them tick, how they react when they are stressed.  Understand what psychological safety is and what behaviours to adapt to ensure you are leading this way.  Learn:

  1. Why people come to work and do not perform.
  2. Why one department can’t work with another department.
  3. Why work place bullies are allowed to do what they do and why it is not stopped.
  4. How you react to stressful situations and how those reactions can impact those around you.
  5. How to get the most from your team, keeping them engaged and productive.
  6. How to become the best leader you were meant to be!

This programme has its foundations in psychology, biology and anthropology but is put together in laymen’s terms with lots of fun stories and great examples to help you connect with the material and implement your new knowledge into your work and indeed, your family environment.

The knowledge you gain in this programme will help you to create a psychologically safe environment that every group needs to keep them happy, engaged and in a cycle of high performance.  As the research continues in this area, expect regular updates to the content as we go forward.