There is no such thing as a “Toxic Employee”, there is only stressed employees that leaders have not taken the time to get to know or understand.

Stress Kills Performance

Science has proven that when the brain is stressed it starts to shut down its non essential capabilities to aid its survival and things like memory retrieval and special awareness can be severely affected.

Leaders can’t expect to raise the bar of performance across their team(s) without first doing as much as possible to remove the real stressors that is impacting them at present.  Only when they deal with situations that cause stress day in and day out can they hope to increase performance.

Our service below can help you achieve just that.

Personnel Performance Support Service

This service has been developed to support leaders that have a problem with bullying or  an isolated poor performance challenge.  It could be an individual or maybe one team within the organisation that is struggling to meet its key performance indicators.  If it is not a company wide problem then this service can help a leader get to the root of the problem, come up with solutions to deal with the problem and then put a plan in place to raise the performance of the affected individual or team.

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