“Nobody gets up in the morning to consciously fail at their job or put themselves in a place where they become the causality in a workplace incident.”

Psychosocial Hazards

A psychosocial hazard is any occupational hazard related to the way work is designed, organized and managed, as well as the economic and social contexts of work. Psychosocial hazards can affect workers’ emotions, behaviours, biochemical and neuro-hormonal reactions, and cause stress. Stress can cause psychological or physical harm and affect workers’ mental health.

It is when these hazards impact our team members that health and safety incidents increase, interpersonal challenges increase along with cases of absenteeism.

Getting clear on what your psychosocial hazards are is the first step in creating a culture where everyone is set up to succeed in their role.

Psychosocial Risk Assessment

Our psychosocial risk assessment tool will help you establish where the major hazards can be found in your organisation and allow you to create a comprehensive plan to mitigate these hazards and ultimately reduce the risk to your team members.

If you find yourself in a situation that is compromising a team or team members from performing at their best our psychosocial harm investigation report will guide you through an investigation process that takes into consideration the stressors behind the incident that may be driving the psychosocial harm.

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