Keynote Topics

Psychological Safety, the game changer

Psychological safety is coming up in more research around the world, being identified as the difference between dysfunctional and functional teams. What is psychological safety? Why does it work? What can get in the way of psychological safety? What are some simple steps we can take to become more psychologically safe?

No Such Thing As Toxic Employees

There is no such thing as a toxic employee, only a stressed employee that are not feeling supported! This keynote challenges how "toxic" employees develop and how leaders themselves through inaction can develop the toxicity. Understand the early signs of stress and learn how to deal with its cause and never have a toxic employee again.

Stop Focussing on Diversity

Leaders are under pressure to be "diverse" which goes against our primal survival mechanisms hardwired in our brain. Having diversity quotas is proving more damaging by having them than not. Dave puts the argument to forget about diversity and focus on capability and inclusivity, which come from having psychological safety built into your organisations culture.

Destroying Office Politics and Silos

Office politics and silos are created by behaviour created by the reward hormone oxytocin. What is more fascinating is that the same reward hormone can destroy office politics or silos, the difference, whether the leader is creating psychological safety around them. This keynote looks into this phenomenon and what it means to be a safe leader.

Fruit Bowls and Fire Extinguishers

Burnout is at epidemic levels in the workplace across the world, in an increasingly faster paced society that demands more of us, how do we protect ourselves from becoming burnt out? This talk challenges leaders to think about their organisational culture that allows burnout to happen and discusses some novel ways to combat it.

Incentivise Your People To Sleep

Sleep is an enigma, why would our brain knock us out for 8 hours each night and leave us vulnerable to predation if it wasn't incredibly important. Research is just now coming up with some answers and guess what, the amount of sleep we get directly relates to how well we interact with others, if you want to create psychological safety in your culture you may want to incentivise sleep!

Light a fire in your organisation

Challenge your leaders to tackle stress head on and start building psychological safety into your culture.

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